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The Ultimate Èze France Travel Guide

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A hill top view looking down of many old stone buildings with orange roofs surrounded by green plants and the blue sea down below in the distance
Èze, France

There is no better place IMO than the Cote d’Azur. It’s been my favorite place in the world since I first visited when I was 9 years old. My mom lived in the South of France for three years as a teenager before moving to the United States, so my family has some sentimental ties to it which is why I’m so excited to share the best things to do in Èze, France.

Every time I visit, I try to explore a few new towns (since there are SO MANY). This time around, Èze was on my list, and I’m so lucky my mom and I were able to make a day trip out of it.

Where is Èze?

Èze Village is located between Monaco and Nice. It’s easy to see for a day or a great spot for a little overnight trip, so I came up with this quick Èze, France Travel guide so you can get the most out of your time there!

Rocky cliffs with many green trees and bushes lining the sides. Green hills with buildings are in the distance.
Èze, France

How to get to Èze, France?

My mom and I were staying in Cannes (53km away), but taking the train to Èze was so easy. The only part that isn’t as easy is getting to Èze village from the train station. You can either take a bus or walk up to the village.

Real talk, walking up takes about an hour. Luckily, my mom’s friend from high school picked us up and drove us to the village.

A day trip to Eze from Cannes

We had a long lunch at Met Vins Chic (it was okay), and then bopped around and explored the charming town.

Holy freaking MOLY this village looks like it’s straight out of a storybook! At the top of the town are two stunning luxury Eze hotels that would make for a beautiful romantic weekend in Eze, or any occasion for that matter.

We opted for the Èze day trip because we planned to spend a night in Haut de Cagnes instead.

You can honestly see Èze in a couple of hours. My mom and I even stopped in Ville-Franche for dinner on our way back to Cannes. 

Things to do in Èze, France

If you are looking for what to do in Èze, France, I’ve got you covered with these six activities.

Fragonard perfume factory

You can check out the Fragonard factory, a famous French perfume brand.

Le Jardin Exotique Gardens

The exotic garden of Èze is the perfect spot for a photo opp and breathtaking views.

Walk the streets of Èze Village

Just walking around the streets is enough to oooh and aweee at. You can also book a great walking tour on Get Your Guide.

A stone an brick street with stone shops on either side. Many colored signs hang off the shops along the street
Shops in Èze, France

Go to the shops in Èze

An artsy village, Èze has a variety of art and handmade items, including bags, jewelry, clothes, art and Limoncello.

Check out Èze Beach

If you have a longer amount of time, you can check out the beach (Èze-sur-Mer), it’s located close to the train station. Full transparency, I was underwhelmed by the beach after living up the beach clubs in Cannes. The beach here is rocky and has no beach chairs.

Visit Èze Church

You’ll probably stumble across the church in the middle of the village, which is one of the town’s landmarks and is filled with paintings and statues.

Where to eat in Èze, France

If you’re a foodie like me, these are my top picks for Èze, France restaurants.

Two green bottles of wine in a glass bowl on a wooden table at the outdoor seating area of a restaurant with a brown stone. There are many tables and large white umbrellas at the seating area
Chateau Eza Restaurant in Èze

Château Èza

Château Eza a Michelin restaurant in the Hotel Èza overlooking the sea. So chic- you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Le Cactus

Le Cactus is an adorable café with a beautiful view. Come here for lunch or drinks and dessert after exploring.

Where to Stay in Èze

There are some luxury boutique hotels in Èze, I didn’t stay in them, but they looked absolutely incredible if you want to spend the night. Here are a couple of options to take your stay in Èze up to the next level.

Chateau Eza

Hôtel Château de La Chèvre d’Or

Every twist and turn in Èze France truly gave the “wow” factor. Is it busy with tourists during the summer? Yes. Is it still worth it? Yes. Go early and get lost in the town!

I hope this Èze France travel guide will help you discover this little Medieval village. What’s your favorite town in the South of France? Comment below!

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