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An Epic Yacht Charter in Mykonos: My Experience

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Large white yachts sitting in a clear blue bay with a busy coastline lined with many white houses
Mykonos, Greece

It’s not every day I can write about having an epic yacht charter in Mykonos. I usually just dream about spending summers drinking wine on a yacht in Greece, so I’m taking full advantage here because it happened! Let’s be real, if you’re going to Mykonos, Greece, you envision blue and white vibes, partying, eating fresh Greek food, and boating the turquoise waters of the Adriatic.

So make that vision happen! Here’s everything you need to know about booking a Mykonos yacht charter.

Mykonos Boat Trips: The Ultimate Experience

My cousin Sophia and I spent a week in Mykonos and on one of the days we planned the most epic Mykonos yacht experience from Mykonos Town. We booked an 80ft motor yacht called “Zeus” through Mykonos Boat Trips, and our captain Kostas is the nicest guy and an absolute dream.

You may recognize this luxury yacht charter from paparazzi pictures– Elon Musk rented the same boat during one of his recent vacations. So yeah…it was expensive (not for the average Joe), you’ll probably need a lot of friends to split the cost with, but WHAT A DAY.

We started the day on a gorgeous golden boat relaxing, sunbathing, and drinking rosé while Kostas and his crew showed us around the islands. He then took us to this spot to go swimming in the most beautiful clear water. It felt like we had the whole Adriatic Sea to ourselves.

After working up an appetite, we had some snacks prepared for us as we made our way to lunch on our Mykonos yacht charter.

Lunch at Spilia

We had a lunch reservation at Spilia, which was one of my absolute favorite dining experiences in Mykonos. I have to say, it’s pretty epic to roll up to a restaurant in an 80ft private yacht.

Sophia and I had fun cocktails, fresh fish, vegetables, and lobster pasta. An absolute dream. Spilia also turns into party-lunch vibes around 3 pm. It was a scene in the best possible way.

Sunset on the Sea

After a late lunch, we got back on our yacht charter and bopped around until the sun started setting. It was one of the most amazing days. It felt so good to be disconnected from work, technology, and just soak in the beauty. I’ll never ever forget this day.

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