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The Perfect 4 days in Salzburg Itinerary

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Austria my goodness, I am in sheer awe. Salzburg is officially one of my new favorite cities and Austria is one of my new favorite countries. I cannot even begin to say enough good things about it, which is why I’m sharing this 4 days in Salzburg Itinerary. Austria truly took my breath away and I cannot wait to go back and explore it more.

A statue in the center of a fountain surrounded green grass and ornate colorful flower bushes at Mirabell Gardens in Summer. The large stone Salzburg castle is in the distance.
Mirabell Gardens

Salzburg has long been on my list of places to visit, particularly to experience the Salzburg Sound of Music tour (one of my all-time favorite movies), but I had no idea just how magical it is. What is even more special, is that my mom and I got to experience it together! Let’s just say, Salzburg is so much more than the Sound of Music.

The people of Salzburg were so kind, the city was so beautiful, the men were so handsome (lol, but they were…), and everything was just done “right”. We also came to learn that Austrians are serious about dessert, like, we legit had dessert coming out of our ears.

You may be wondering how long you need in Salzburg. Many people go for a day, but that’s just way too short in my mind. I was in Salzburg for 4 days. It’s not a big city, but I never got bored. And with that, here is my guide to 4 days in Salzburg itinerary.

Things to do and places to visit in Salzburg

Hohensalzburg Fortress

A must. You can either walk up to it or take a little tram. I went by myself as soon as they opened and legit had the entire fortress to myself which was WILD. If you go later in the day you’ll face the crowds, but there are a lot of cute beer gardens and cafés up there. Tickets are required, you can either buy them at the door or in advance.

A view of the old town in Salzburg with many stone building a and green hills in the distance on a clear, sunny day.

Mirabell Palace

Just magical. Period. It’s worth going to Mirabell Palace and walking the grounds/gardens during the day. It’s also 100% worth going to a concert at Mirabell Palace at night if you have time on your Salzburg itinerary. Mozart himself used to perform here.

Mozart’s Birthplace & Residence

These are two different places, but both are cool to see. One is where Mozart was born and spent much of his life, the other is where he lived for about 8 years but where he composed a lot of his music. You learn so much about him and his family. Super cool, really special. Mozart, what a guy.

St. Peter’s Abbey & Cemetery

Stumbled upon this cemetery with catacombs, a church from the 1400s, and the most gorgeous views. This Abbey is even part of the DomQuartier, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sound of Music Tour

The Sound of Music Tour is a half-day excursion where you see some of the places the movie was filmed (like the gazebo and the church). The tour itself warrants a full post, but it’s a must if you like the movie and find yourself in Salzburg. 

Walk Around the Streets

SO STINKIN’ CUTE and shops galore! Go crazy! 

Day trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a magical dream town just two hours away from Salzburg and a total bucket list item for me. I highly recommend doing a day trip to Hallstatt if you have time in your Salzburg itinerary.

A red flower bush with old colorful yellow, white, and red wooden beamed houses behind. All the houses are covered in flowers in Hallstatt, Austria with a church spire behind them
Hallstatt, Austria

Where to Eat in Salzburg

Where to Stay in Salzburg

My mom and I were torn between two hotels, so we decided to split our time and try 2 nights at each one. 

Hotel Sacher

HOLY F*** if I could rate this hotel a 20/10 I would. It was stunning, the service unreal, the food delicious, and its location in the old town was amazing… like I wanted to LIVE there. We were welcomed with a fruit plate and the famous Sacher Torte. Breakfast was also included, and it was a SPREAD.

The whole place felt very royal. It was my fav and one of the best places to stay in Salzburg. Fun fact: the cast of The Sound of Music stayed at Hotel Sacher when filming the movie.

Schloss Leopoldskron

About a 10 min drive from town, the grounds of this small palace is where the backyard in the Sound of Music was filmed. When I was researching the tour, I discovered you can only see it from a distance because the grounds are closed to the public unless you STAY at the Schloss Leopoldskron. So long story short, my mom and I stayed at the Schloss for the gorgeous Sound of Music grounds.

My review is that the grounds were gorgeous, it was soooooooo cool to experience and I was fangirling SO HARD. The rest of the hotel was less gorgeous (our room was “eh”) and had no AC. The staff was lovely, and breakfast was also an amazing spread with the most amazing views.

Salzburg is musical, magical, and feels like a dream town. It’s not a “party” destination, so keep that in mind when planning places to visit in Salzburg.

I feel forever changed by my experience here. 100000/10.

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