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Hi I’m Nina…

I’m a California native in my early 30’s who loves all things travel, food, and design.

I do marketing for a large technology corporation (yes, I have a 9-5), and have been advancing my career in corporate America for the last decade.

Last year, I went through a significant break-up and was faced with so many mixed emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Let’s just call it a major swerve… but I became re-acquainted with a zest for life that I used to have and have been working on architecting a fun and exciting life. I may not be on the same “timeline” as many of my friends anymore, but that’s OKAY.

I’ve always been obsessed with traveling, history, and different cultures, but every time I research destinations and where to go I’m underwhelmed by the lack of variety. I’m someone who wants cool and vibey recommendations (let’s be real, nothing hits quite like a beach club day…) mixed with local and touristy experiences, but other blogs are either too “budget”, too “luxury”, or just the same old, same old.

So here I am creating the blog I wish I had. Hope you enjoy it!

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